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EMAG-Force Dynamics Inc.

About EMAG-Force Dynamics Inc.


Mission: Our goal is to design and deliver plasma emissions-based systems as production-ready prototype products.

Founded: 3/13/2018 (Entity founding date) Original R&D began in 2005 Facility

Description: N/A team members currently work 100% remotely

Product Sales: None to date


Technology/Research Overview: Our team is developing technology to deny unauthorized access into homes and/or buildings using plasma emissions. 

U.S. Patent # 7,298,260 (11/20/2007) Stage of Development: DoD TRL 2/3 “Technical Readiness Level” Value

Proposition: Our systems will have demonstrated value to protect civilian and military assets from theft, rioter attacks, active shooter, and other threats to value and functionality, and may be used to secure resources and facilities using preemptive and proactive response protocols.


  • Obtain funding needed to scale up current prototype capabilities, as delivered by University of Idaho, to full capacity doorway model. 
  • Define/engage companies (potential partners) with facilities capable of providing non-lethal validation testing and certification for end product(s).
  • Document required equipment needed to integrate multiple sensors and generate performance data and control balance output levels.
  • Identify and secure candidate end users who can integrate this technology into their existing security architectures. 
  • Obtain access to additional software / facility simulation modeling capabilities.


Need/Problem: Unauthorized access allow theft and destruction of valuable assets via burglary/theft, home invasion, or active shooter events. They are a threat to property, businesses and human life and require technological solutions to reduce these threats. 

Target Customer(s): Business and Residential customers ($27B est. US / $53.6B est. Global Market) Estimated CAGR of 10.0% from 2019 to 2025 Government and DoD/Military customers

Market Opportunity: Our technology seeks to deny unauthorized access and other type of criminal intent by providing an instant force-field to shield that will deny/delay/defend.

Our Founders Story

Somewhere between 2000 & 2001 while residing in Northwest Montana, I arrived home from work one day and clicked on the local news. While watching, there was a tragic news report telling of a family in eastern Washington that was murdered during a home invasion. This hurt my heart. It made me mad and saddened me at the same time. Within a week or so, before or after I do not specifically recall, I watched a documentary on the History channel on a man named Nikola Tesla. I had never heard of the guy before, but the documentary was very fascinating. The show examined many of the inventions that Nikola had conceived. During the following weeks, the news report about the murdered family played on my mind. The inventions of Tesla played on my mind as well. One day while driving my forklift, thinking about what could have prevented that family’s tragic demise, the proverbial light bulb lit up in my brain and it struck me that if that family would have had one of those Tesla coil things in front of their door, they would still be alive. This began my quest.

I began researching the patent process and all that it entailed. I then used my 401k money and invested in myself. I had found a coil developer before my move. After I moved to Idaho, I purchased a bipolar Tesla coil from him. During his demonstration of the coil I was purchasing, I let him in on what I was about to pursue. This person, Jeff Messer, was a physicist who recently graduated from Cal Poly Tec. His thoughts on my plan were that, if I were looking to create a product that would need to be manufactured, I should probably utilize solid state circuitry.

I found an attorney in North Dakota who saw the value in this and was willing to take on the patent application process. I filed for patent allowance in Mar of 2005. I also filed for registered trademark protection to use the Electroshield security system. In Nov. 2007 I was granted patent allowance for the Tesla Coil Security System. US Pat # 7,298,260.

I began focusing on the Department of Defense as a primary customer and source of prototyping funding. My research led me into the US Military's Force Protection community. Diving deeper led me into the SEIWG Security Equipment Integration Working Group. Currently there are 19 programs that the SEIWG provides support for. Of these 19, 13 of them should allow an entry point for Electroshield to be either integrated into them or could be utilize in their existing infrastructure in order to function as intended as a stand alone device.

In the meantime, I then began to research as to what it takes to become a corporation. Shortly thereafter founded Plasma Technologies Inc., which was eventually to become EMAG Force Dynamics Inc.

My continued military research efforts began to point me in the direction of SBIR funding opportunities, which brought me to the Federal Business Opportunities website.

In Sept. 2013 there was an Active Shooter event at a Naval Base in Washington DC. I cringed as I watched security surveillance camera footage that was shown on the news. The perpetrator was shown entering the building on one camera carrying a gun, another camera showed him roaming freely, shooting randomly, and killing innocent victims. That evening I sent an email to the office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense letting them know that Electroshield could have mitigated the carnage that took place at the Naval base. This effort resulted in no interest expressions that would move the project forward.

A few days later I wrote a letter to CNN to gain recognition and support. I had been reaching out far and wide, shouting from the mountain top.

Moving into 2014 I began working with Professor Hess of the University of Idaho's Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Lab, He help bring the Universities support in to our development efforts through applying for a state grant, IGEM. We did submit to the IGEM but were not selected for funding.

I and a prior partner traveled to Tampa in Oct of 2017 after finding a DOD/SBIR event called DTIC. We submitted our technologies to this event, one was selected for a tabletop presentation, the other two we could present via a poster board presentation. We also had face to face meeting with 3 agencies/entities, one was the Air Force, one was Raytheon and the other I think was ONR.

As EMAG Force Inc. we continue to search and engage collaborative and synergistic partners, military contacts and the procurement functions/facilities they represent and further improvements that will be built into this technology.

We look forward to an introduction to parties align to our objectives and to making the world a safer place to live, work and grow.

EMAG Force Dynamics Inc.

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