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EMAG-Force Dynamics Inc.

Vision: Increased Security, Reduced Costs for Military and Civilian Assets & Operations

Our electromagnetic research and development efforts are producing patents and innovative intellectual properties to build the future while solving today's problems.

EMAG-Force Dynamics Inc., a start-up company, utilizes it's internal resources as a thinktank to conceptualize, research and develop functional and manufacture-ready technology prototypes. By manufacture-ready we mean an intellectual property package that includes the awarded patents resulting from our research and development efforts plus the third party final prototype development/testing data as the basis for manufacture.

Our intent is to continue to progress our current pipeline and offer the resulting patent/prototype packages to buyers with the manufacturing and marketing resources/expertise to advance these to market (via full acquisition or royalty/revenue share agreements) and partners (i.e. finance partners + contract manufacturers).

EMAG Force Dynamics Inc.

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